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Center for Higher Integrated Sensations

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Kazuhiro Kimura

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The center was established to provide comprehensive evaluations of sensory function as well as treatment to facilitate recovery of sensation in patients with sensory disorders. The staff of the departments of ophthalmology dermatology and otolaryngology will perform specialist examinations and prescribe treatments to improve the quality of life for such patients.


Ophthalmology : pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus amblyopia training, visual electrophysiological test
Dermatologist : skin test, thermography
Otolaryngology : cochlear implant rehabilitation, spatial tests and balance training


The center specializes in higher level examination and treatment of sensory organs. The varied specialties of the staff allow a multidisciplinary approach to examinations that overcomes the barriers that normally separate disciplines. For example, otolaryngologists may evaluate spatial discrimination capacity before and after cataract surgery performed by ophthalmologists.

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