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Orthopedic Surgery

Division of Orthopedic Surgery and Rheumatism

Director in Charge Toshihiko Taguchi Director in Charge
Toshihiko Taguchi

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Main Service

Our specialty services offered within the Department of Orthopedic Surgery are all the orthopedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation and the sports medicine, especially, the following field is skillful.

Spine and spinal cord disease
Arthritis and joint surgery (hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, and elbow joint, etc.)
Hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery
Musculoskeletal oncology
Rheumatoid arthritis

Specialty Services for diagnosis and management

We have developed a new operation method, posterior decompression plus posterior reconstruction, i.e., Z-laminoplasty (Hattori's method), which is a useful surgical method for treatment of cervical compressive myelopathy. We have also developed osteoplastic laminoplasty for lumbar canal stenosis and satisfactory clinical results have been maintained for long periods postoperatively, and the enlargement of the spinal canal has been well maintained as demonstrated on follow up X-ray study. X-ray fluoroscopy-guided percutaneous radiofrequency facet rhizotomy is used to treat chronic low back pain.

To perform the operation safely and to diagnose the precise level of spinal lesion, spinal cord responses following spinal cord stimulation have been monitored during spinal surgery. We also use this technique for hand surgery. To achieve a safe and satisfactory functional reconstruction of the upper and lower limbs, we use microsurgical technique.

Selling point

We have operated more than 800 cases a year, including many spinal surgeries.
Basic research has been performed on spine and spinal cord disease, hand surgery, osteoporosis, and allogenic bone and joint transplantation, and the results have been presented in the academic societies and published in both domestic and international journals.

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