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Control Division

Patient Consultation Room

Mishiya Matsumoto

Mishiya Matsumoto

Service Contents

Our services are talking over any problems or questions with patient in this hospital and advice appropriate resolutions. Our room is found in the lounge of this hospital.
As a concrete service contents, they are 1) economical questions such as a payment of the fee for medical treatment, 2) demonstrations about a public support for medical services, such as nursing care insurance, disable person service, nursing support for premature baby, social security, care support for obstinate diseases, support for specific chronic diseases of children, support for independence of disable person, medical welfare, et al, 3) managements for reinstating patient in his previous work, 4) managements for any complaint and grumble in the hospital. Staff consists with physician, nurse, medical social worker and hospital clerk. We hope our advice helps patients to continue well medical treatment in the hospital with ease.

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